Then the American Medical Association joined in the fray.  They called Dr. Springer the “King of Quacks.”  The AMA accused him of fraud.  A lawsuit was filed against him.

Undismayed, Dr. Springer hired an attorney.  And not just any attorney.  He wanted only the best.  Gladys Towles Root, the famous criminal attorney, represented him.  Gladys was a consummate performer.  She wowed juries as she pranced about the courtrooms of America in outlandish outfits and hats like Cruella De Vil. 

The trial took place and received vast media coverage.  In the end, Dr. Springer was convicted of false advertising.  Gladys Root filed an appeal.  After two years of hearings and counter-motions, Dr. Springer’s appeal was denied. 

Dr. Springer went to jail, serving 49 days of a 60-day sentence.

Informed by the BLM that he could not legally sell property he did not own, Dr. Springer wanted to pay back-rent on the property.  He tried to buy the BLM off with $34,187. 

The BLM said no, and evicted him off 12,800 acres that was not his in the first place.  Shocked and dismayed, his followers left.  The houses that were being built were leveled by the feds.  When people asked about refunds, they were told to talk to Dr. Springer.  But he wasn’t around.  He’d vamoosed while the leaving was good.  And he took his money with him.

Curtis Howe Springer died in Las Vegas in 1986.  He was 90 years old when he died.  While squatting on public property for more than 30 years, he made more than $20 million dollars by selling salvation and snake-oil.

The energy and audacity of Curtis Howe Springer were the biggest miracle of all.


The Book

The story will be based on available historical documents, newspaper articles, court transcripts and many hours of personal interviews.  The interviews include many of the principal players in the story.  One of the individuals interviewed was Dr. Springer’s daughter.  Her name is Marilou Springer, and access to her provides an insider’s perspective to the story and to the thought processes, motives and actions of Curtis Howe Springer. 

This select wealth of documentation forms the platform for the book.