Silent Brotherhood

By Christopher Zoukis

Robert Mathews began raising cattle, got married to a woman named Debbie McGarrity, a woman of Scottish descent.  When she proved infertile, they adopted a son.  Mathews, though, really wanted a child from his own loins.  So he started seeing a woman named Zillah Craig.  She, too, was of Scottish descent, as Mathews didn’t want to taint his bloodline.  They had a daughter and his marriage to Debbie went to hell.

He got a job as an electrician at the Bunker Hill Mine Company, which tore raw zinc out of the ground.  The mine closed due to poor management and the sagging price of zinc.  So Robert got a job at the Portland Lehigh Cement Company.  Yet he remained dissatisfied with his life.  Something was missing.  It was as if he had mislaid his soul. Richard Butler

So he started looking for it in all the wrong places – extreme right wing politics and warped interpretations of history.

Like Solomon in the Bible, Mathews decided that knowledge might make him happy.  So he read a lot of politics and history.  Most of what he read supported a racist interpretation of history.  From this junk, Mathews concluded that he wasn’t the problem.  He wasn’t a loser after all.  The real problem was that the white race was being polluted and challenged in its supremacy by other races. 

So Mathews started another club, a club for white people only.  He invited other white supremacist families to Washington State.  He called it the “White American Bastion.”  And to learn more about starting his own country within a country, he visited the Aryan Nations, a group started by a guy named Richard Butler.  The Aryan Nations were white power exclusionists.  They were white.  They wanted power.  And everybody who wasn’t white and didn’t want power was excluded from their club.

Aryan Nations dreamed of a whites-only kingdom, which would be located in Idaho.  And of course, Richard Butler would get to be king.  They advertised themselves as Christian Nazis.  William Luther Pierce / Image courtesy

Then Mathews joined the National Alliance, which was a white supremacist group started by a rabid racist named William Luther Pierce.  Once upon a time, Pierce had been a physics professor at Oregon State University in Corvallis.  Corvallis was a dreary town with only two things to do:  drink and watch the rain.

So it was not surprising that Pierce got mixed up with the American Nazi Party.  Pierce guided Mathews to two books that completed his white power brainwashing.  Which Way Western Man?, which divulged the hideous intention of the Jews – to wipe out the “white Christian race.”  The other book was The Turner Diaries, which was written by Pierce himself.  This book was the fictionalized story of the salvation of America by white supremacists, who take over the U.S. government by violence.  Then they go on and take over the world.  After installing their international white power Christian dictatorship, they butcher all Jews and non-whites on the face of the earth.  In the book, the white power extremists are called The Order.

Mathews was favorably impressed by both books.  To him, the books taught that you had to go out and assert your manhood.  By power and by violence. 

At the National Alliance Convention, in 1983, Mathews gave a rabble rousing speech.  It was a call to action.  To do what, no one could really say.  But it sounded great and got everyone all fired up.  They gave Mathews a standing ovation, which made him feel good about himself.

He felt so good about himself that he went back to Metaline Falls and started a secret club.  He called it the Silent Brotherhood.  Everybody else called it The Order, because it was a semi-religious fraternity.  Their bible was The Turner Diaries.  The Silent Brotherhood had nine members.  Up until they joined The Order, none of the nine had ever committed a violent crime or been in prison.

But that changed soon enough.