More And More Peculiar

Image courtesy www.sfawcart.comBy Christopher Zoukis

In 1973, Hoskins added a second newsletter to his propaganda machine.  Along with The Hoskins Report, he began sending out his Portfolios Investment Advisory (PIA).  Exclusively for his private clients, PIA offered not only advice on wealth management, but also helpful hints on such varied topics as the Holocaust, integration, and politics. 

According to Hoskins, the Holocaust was “Constant lies.  Lies, lies, lies.  Forty years of lies…the anti-Christ Holohoax scam.”  Regarding integration, Hoskins asserted that even Communism was less of an evil.  “Better a blood-soaked Joseph Stalin than a smiling Ian Smith or congenial DeKlerk who opens the door to the barbarians.  Compromise means death.”  And as far as politics were concerned, Hoskins wrote “A political candidate need take just 3 simple stands.  1)  Abolish usury.  2)  Root sodomists from the land.  3)  Outlaw racial interbreeding.”

Jews, homosexuals and miscegenation – the three cardinal sins.  Hoskins went on and on about all three.  Utopia was a place that had purged itself of Jews, perverts and race mixing.

Something had happened to Hoskins.  He was becoming more and more peculiar.  More and more, he was the object of a refined self-admiration.  He felt chosen by God to bring enlightenment to a benighted world.  A world in which the white race was losing its position of superiority.  Prospects seemed good.  His newsletters had a steady following, which meant he didn’t have to worry about money.  And Our Nordic Race had bestowed some small measure of fame and glamour upon him.  Only it wasn’t enough.  Hoskins wanted national recognition.  He lusted for celebrity.   

And so, taking a lesson from his days with Jerry Falwell, Hoskins sat down to pen another book.  Only this time, he would write something a little more mainstream.  Something that wasn’t quite so radical or extremist. 

Or so he hoped.

War Cycles, Peace Cycles was Hoskins’ next book.  He published it in 1985.  Supposedly, it was an analysis of banking and economics in Europe and America.  Promoted as Christian in perspective, it was neither Christian nor panoramic.  It was racist and threadlike.  The theme of the book was anti-Semitism.  The Jews controlled the Western banks.  They were in cahoots with Western political leaders, who were corrupt and thus easily bought off.  Together, these two groups formed an elite cluster of rich, powerful men.  Their goal was a New World Order.  Over which they would rule.  In other words, it was a giant conspiracy perpetrated by a few against the many. 

By lending money at exorbitant rates, these elites would soon – literally – own all the governments of the world.  And none of these elites or the governments they owned gave a tinker’s damn about racial purity.  In fact, just the opposite was true.  The Jewish bankers wanted to dilute the pure white race.  If they could accomplish this evil end, God’s chosen people would be wiped away.  There would be no superior race.  All races would be equal because all races would be equally inferior.  Such was the product of race-mixing, according to Hoskins.

War Cycles, Peace Cycles electrified its audience.  They read it, believed it, and applauded it.  Within certain circles – angry, white imperialsts – Hoskins attained a surprising amount of fame.  He was invited to speak at Identity gatherings sponsored by America’s Promise Ministries and Scriptures for America.  Both these groups were Christian Identity churches. 

When he spoke, Hoskins tended to focus on the preservation of racial purity.  At this point in his religious-philosophical evolution Hoskins was not yet openly advocating violence as the means to achieve a righteous end.  But that soon changed.