The Lunatic Fringe

By Christopher Zoukis

In the year of our Lord 2013, many Americans believe in the Bible and what it says – literally.  The Bible is right, according to eighty percent of all Americans.  Not only is it right, it is the divinely inspired Word of God.  In other words, God dictated the Bible, and his secretaries – people we call prophets and apostles – wrote it down.

Furthermore, more than thirty percent of Americans believe that God speaks to them directly.  Which, when you stop and think about it, means that the Bible has been superseded as far as these favored people are concerned.  These chosen people, of course, still believe the Bible is the Word of God.  It’s just that they get special memos from God when He has something to add or when clarification of some point of doctrine is needed.

What’s more, fully (which means more than) ten percent of all Americans believe God speaks to them out loud.  They ‘hear,’ in a very real sense, the voice of God. 

Unsurprising, then, that white supremacist groups pop up everywhere.  The Montana Militia, the Nazi Low Riders, W.A.R (white Aryan resistance) and the Aryan Brotherhood being just a few examples.  And while skinhead groups are viewed as the lunatic fringe by many people, there is little doubt that some radical-fundamentalist religious groups agree that people of color are somehow inferior.  Noah said so.  Moses said so.  The Bible says so.  And that means God says so.  Image courtesy

Although theologians place the Flood and Noah’s curse in the year 6000 B.C., which means racism started about 8000 years ago, the term ‘white supremacy’ was born in 1902.  

‘White supremacy’ is a racist ideology – a strong belief – that white people are superior to other racial groups.  White people are superior not only as a race, but because they are God’s chosen. 

Most white supremacists are ardent racists, desire power over others, and are xenophobic.  What they don’t understand, they hate.  And since they automatically don’t understand anything or anyone that is different than they are, they hate almost everything and everyone.  The automatic (unthinking) part comes easily to them, as they are usually ignorant, uneducated and violent by disposition.  But not always – some are indeed educated.  Often their racist attitudes mask ulterior motives or are the product of environmental influences, such as parents, peers or churches.

What is amusing is this:  white supremacists can’t agree on what ‘white’ means.  Which means they can’t agree on who is the worst enemy – blacks, Jews, or Hispanics.

According to the Pan European white supremacists, the meaning of ‘white’ includes all native and original European peoples:  Swedes, Britons, Germans, Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese and Greeks.

Whereas the Pan Aryanism brand of white supremacism defines people from continental Europe as white, but also accepts certain Middle Easterners, North Africans and some Asians as white.  Even here, though, acceptance is not carte blanche.  Syrians, Lebanese, Turks and Iranians are defined as white, but Saudis and Yemenites are not.  Neither are Pakistanis and Northern Indians from India.  Afghans and Berbers are most definitely white; in fact, they are whiter than Spaniards and Italians, according to Pan Aryanism.

Nordicism (also called Germanism), which is another brand of white supremacism, is the most restrictive.  To them, white people only come from Scandinavia, Germany or Holland.  However, if you have blonde hair and blue eyes they might let you in.  Maybe.

Religion plays a major role in white supremacy.  Most of the supremacy groups are either Protestants or Pagans.  The Pagan groups usually call themselves Odinists, which means they believe in the gods of Norse mythology.  They claim that the world is composed of “worlds of light,” who are white people, and “worlds of dark,” who are non-white people. 

The Protestant supremacists usually have links to what is called the Christian Identity movement.  This movement believes that the two lost tribes of Israel migrated to Great Britain before the birth of Jesus, and that Jesus was British, having blonde hair and blue eyes.  He was not a Jew.

In the Christian Identity movement a person’s race is his religion.  If you’re white, then your religion is white.  These supremacists believe that there exists a Jewish conspiracy to rule the world.  The Jews are trying to bring about this one-world government through their control of international banking and the media.  Supremacists refer to the conspiracy against which they struggle as ZOG, zionist occupied government.

The struggle will culminate in a Racial Holy War (RAHOWA), which will eliminate Jews and the ‘mud races’ from the face of the earth.  This holy war explains why supremacists pore over the New Testament book of Revelation.  Especially the final chapters, which deal with Armageddon – the Racial Holy War.