The Last Watcher Series

By D. B. Clinton           

Reviewed by Christopher Zoukis           

Ever since J. K. Rowling decided to put the Harry Potter series of books to rest, the publishing world has been seeking for a successor.  Mind Wings Audio may have stumbled across Rowling’s descendant.  The author’s name is D. B. Clinton, and Clinton has written an exciting new series of books called The Last Watcher.

The series is composed of The Last Watcher, The Night of the Shield, The Lady and the Shield, and The Shield and the Shadow.  They’re a cross between Harry Potter and Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  Which is to say they’re well-structured and cerebral, yet at the same time they’re spellbindingly visceral.  In other words, they punch the reader right in the stomach.

The tale revolves around a young theologian, a seminary student, whose mentor dies under mysterious circumstances.  The student sets off on a quest to prove himself right and his mentor wrong.  He ends up at the cabin of a crazy hermit, who lives near the top of a mountain in Bulgaria. 

The hermit declares himself to be part of a powerful, yet secretive religious group.  The group’s function is to guard the tomb of a terrifying demon. 

The seminarian thinks the old hermit has lived alone too long, losing all contact with reality.  Nutcases are everywhere.  Anyway, that’s what the seminarian believes until an interloper shows up and attacks.  Things get real interesting real fast. 

What happens after that?  Well, you’ll have to listen to the audio books if you want to find out.  You won’t be disappointed.

Clifton is a talented writer.  The Last Watcher series is well crafted.  The tension builds, the characters are absorbing, and the language is scintillating.  Adding to the attraction is the voice of Simon Prebble, who does a magnificent job as narrator.

All in all, The Last Watcher series is wonderful.  On the Read-O-Meter, which ranges from 1 star (horrible) to 5 stars (divine), The Last Watcher series gazes at 5 stars.