No Remorse

By Ian Walkley

Reviewed by Christopher Zoukis

CIA operatives accelerate from one electrifying moment to another as they try to stop a maniacal Saudi prince from starting World War III.

Lee McCloud –  aka “Mac,” a member of Delta Force – finds himself in Mexico, trying to rescue two teenage girls kidnapped by the drug cartels.  Things go from bad to worse when the bad guys don’t play according to the rules.

Framed for two murders, Mac has two choices:  go to prison or go to work for a CIA black-op group run by the devious Wisebaum, whose group hacks into terrorists’ bank accounts, confiscating millions of dollars.  Mac is portrayed as rough and ready, the typical macho action-hero.  Yet his vulnerabilities allow the reader to identify with him.  However, there’s more going on than meets the eye.  Saudi Prince Khalid is in possession of nuclear canisters, with which he hopes to alter world history.  Khalid also dabbles in trafficking young women and harvesting and selling human organs. 

When Wisebaum’s black op targets Khalid’s father, the action becomes even more intense.  With so many interweaving subplots – kidnapped girls, Israel undercover agents, nuclear weapons, and a secret underwater hideout – it would be easy to lose track of what’s going on.  Due to the author’s deft handling of the material that doesn’t occur.  The subplots are introduced at appropriate points in the story, and by story’s end are accounted for and neatly concluded.  

One of Mac’s black-op team members is Tally, a whiz at computer hacking.  Her personality is just quirky enough to complement Mac’s, and she provides the requisite romantic element.  In fact, with one exception, the primary characters are fleshed out and realistic.  The exception is Wisebaum, who is a malicious, double-dealing, back-stabber of the worst ilk.  But the reader is left wondering about Wisebaum’s motivation for such blatant treachery. 

Despite this sole lapse in characterization, the author’s beefy prose, along with the atomic hurricane action, deliver a thriller to satisfy any adrenaline addict.  An excellent example of putting the ‘thrill’ in thriller.