Case Study Questionnaire

By Christopher Zoukis

Since you and your company are extremely successful, the following questions are designed to explore the foundation of your success.  Please provide as much detailed information as possible. 

Indeed, if you can think of more appropriate questions, for gosh sakes, draw a line through mine and substitute yours, along with the answers. If you prefer not to answer any question(s), please simply place your initials below the question and Image courtesy blogs.ft.commove to the next question. 

Please remember that your answers will be printed and published in Razzle Dazzle:  The Art of Marketing.  Thank you for your participation, your time, and for sharing your expertise.

1.    What luxury product or service do you sell?

2.    What types of marketing do you use?

3.    What form of marketing has proven most successful for your business?

4.    When an affluent customer purchases your product, what are they buying?  Simply a luxury product or is it something more, such as status or exclusivity?

5.    How do you market your product so it elicits an emotional correspondence in your customer?

6.    Do you track the successfulness of your marketing?  If so, how?

7.    Do you differentiate between men and women in your marketing?

8.    If the answer to question number four is yes, what do you do differently for each gender?

9.    What makes your company’s web site special from a marketing standpoint?

10.  Do you use mailing lists?  If so, where do you obtain the lists?

11.  How do you publicize and promote your expertise?

12.  In your business, what is the meaning of ‘service’?

13.  In your opinion, what is the secret to your success?

14.  Regarding your employees, how do you train them to reflect the soul and spirit of your company?

15.  In your business, what is the key to retaining customers?

16.  What suggestions would you give to any person who wants to sell a product or service to affluent customers?