The Heresy of Christian Identity

By Christopher Zoukis

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, 50 new right-wing militia groups have been formed in the U.S. in the last two years.  More than a few of them are located in Alaskan cities.  For example, the Second Amendment Task Force in Fairbanks boasts 7000 members.  All of who carry guns and rifles on Saturdays and Sundays, when they’re not at work.  These groups post speeches and combat exercise videos on YouTube.  The speeches promote fear and spread extremist propaganda, while the combat exercise videos advance violence as an alternative.  Most of these groups claim to be Christians.  And many of them subscribe to the beliefs of Christian Identity.  Image courtesy

The April 2009 murder of three police officers in Pittsburgh was perpetrated by a white supremacist, whose personal belief system was based on the doctrinal tenets of Christian Identity.  The cop-killer was afraid he was going to lose his right to “keep and bear arms.”  And Political Research Associates – a Massachusetts think tank – states that right-wing extremists are responsible for nine murders since the election of President Obama.

The Department of Homeland Security has identified these right-wing militia groups as “the most dangerous domestic terrorist threat.”

Why?  Because they are defiant, dangerous and well-armed.  Since most of them subscribe to the teachings of Christian Identity, they have identified the government as their enemy.  For they believe the government is the pawn of Jewish bankers, who desire to rule the world.  The only thing standing between the Jewish bankers and their goal is a small cadre of white Aryan warriors, who are ready, willing and able to lay down their lives for the white way of life.  Killing the enemies of God is merely doing God’s Will.

That's the kind of junk -- the heretical claptrap -- that Christian Identity teaches. 

Christian Identity is scary stuff.