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Welcome to the website of Christopher Hardy Zoukis, award-winning author and Marketing Director of the Law Offices of Brandon Sample, a boutique federal criminal defense firm.

Chris is currently attending the University of California, Davis School of Law, where he is a board member of the Criminal Law Association and Students Against Mass Incarceration, as well as a research editor for the Social Justice Law Review. Due to school obligations, Chris is taking a break from professional work so he can focus on his law school studies.

Christopher Hardy Zoukis
Christopher Hardy Zoukis

Chris is the author of Federal Prison HandbookPrison Education GuideCollege for Convicts, and the forthcoming Directory of Federal Prisons. He has been published in major media outlets, including The Huffington PostPrison Legal NewsNew York Daily NewsCriminal Legal News, and the New York Journal of Books. He has been quoted in USA Today, The Washington Post, and The Hill.

If you would like to contact Chris, please email him at ChristopherZoukis(at)

Chris' books can be found at the following addresses:

Federal Prison Handbook

Prison Education Guide

College for Convicts